• Lucocoa say: "The matcha we use is grown in Uji, in Kyoto prefecture, Japan and known for its key differentiating characteristics - vivid pine green colour, refreshing 'oika' aromas and an exquisite savoury 'umami' flavour profile. This unique tea mixture mixed with our enigmatic and alluring signature Natural Blonde creates a beautiful delicate blend of matcha with creamy caramel cues."


    x 40% single origin Matcha tea blonde white chocolate

    x grown in Peru

    x made in the United Kingdom

    x 25% of profits donated towards reforestation projects (learn more)

    Lucocoa - Matcha Tea White Chocolate (40%)

    • Cocoa Butter (40%), Whole Milk Powder (milk), Coconut Sugar, Lucuma, Matcha Tea.


      May contain traces of nuts and gluten.  Net weight 50g.

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