• Chocolarder say: "Nibs are simply pieces of cocoa bean with the shell and husk removed. The beans used for the nibs in this bar are a native varient from the Akesson owned Fazenda Sempre Firme plantation in Bahia, eastern Brazil. The nibs are lightly toasted with cinnamon accentuating their flavour before folding into our Peruvian 70% chocolate, delivering intense bursts of complex cacao flavour through every bite."


    x 74% single origin cinnamon toasted cacao nibs dark chocolate

    x grown in Peru

    x made in the United Kingdom

    x 25% of profits donated towards reforestation projects (learn more)

    Chocolarder - Cinnamon Toasted Cacao Nibs Dark Chocolate (74%)

    • Cocoa Beans (74%), Cacao Nibs, Unrefined Raw Sugar, Cinnamon. 


      Net weight 70g. 

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