Our Story

It all started in Malaysian Borneo in the summer of 2017. While our founder, Willy, was working out there, he noticed something very odd: where was the rainforest? There were vast oil palm plantations and areas of cleared land, but no jungle. Considering Borneo is supposed to be one of the rainforest's last strongholds, this left him worried.


And it got worse. He visited the idyllic Perhentian Islands, only to find plastic everywhere. He spent his days grabbing white bags as they floated over the reef, and scooping up bottles from the beach. It was frankly quite disturbing.  


When Willy got home, he was a changed man. He vowed to do something about it all. In 2019 he had his lightbulb moment while eating his favourite thing: chocolate! In order to avoid palm oil and plastic he had come across some fantastic artisan and ethical chocolatiers from across the UK. What if they could all be brought together into one place, devoid of palm oil and plastic, and be used for good? 

Willy got in touch with TREE AID about his idea, and the rest is history. From that day forth, Kakaw pledged to donate 25% of our profits towards tree planting; to change the world through chocolate. We aim to become the UK's leading chocolate marketplace. Care to join us on our journey? 

Our Criteria

When searching for new bars, these are the morals that guide our selection. 

No Palm Oil

Palm oil is added to chocolate because it is cheaper than cocoa butter. It is an entirely unnecessary ingredient in the chocolate making process. Therefore we've totally banned it from Kakaw. 

No Plastic

Chocolate can have a shelf-life of up to 2 years as it is a very low risk food. Plastic packaging is generally used because it's cheaper, but at what cost hmm? Our producers use paper, foil, card and bioplastics. 

Fairtrade or Above

2.1 million children work in cocoa plantations in West Africa alone. 70% of the world's cocoa comes from this region. Estimates suggest 19,000 of these are trafficked or slaves. All our producers are fairtrade at the very least.  

Our Prices

We know, we know, the chocolate we sell isn't cheap, but we think shopping is like voting. By paying that bit more than you would at the supermarket, your money is going so much further. Here's why:


  • Our producers aren't cutting costs or endorsing the deforestation of vulnerable rainforest habitats by using palm oil in their chocolate.

  • They're not adding further plastic to the oceans and landfills of the world.

  • They're paying cocoa farmers fair prices to boost their incomes and improve their livelihoods.

  • Their cocoa beans are sustainably produced using organic and responsible farming practices.

  • You're supporting passionate and skilled artisan chocolatiers around the UK, all of which produce sensational chocolate.

  • Finally, we donate 25% of our profits to the reforestation charity TREE AID, without adding further cost to you.


We sacrifice profits to make sure we match the RRP. We think it's worth it!

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